PS Plus Quality Tracker

Last update: March 2019

Is the quality of PS Plus titles getting better or worse?

Since the service launched in 2010, gamers have had four games each month for the price of the online service. But how good have these games been, and has the quality increased or decreased over time?

The chart below tracks the quality of every release, using each game’s Metacritic score as a measure of quality.

Hover over the points on the chart to see the each game and respective score:




The average Metacritic score since the service released has been a high 75.9, which currently beats Microsoft’s Games with Gold service average score.

However as can be seen from the black trendline, the overall quality is decreasing, albeit slightly.


Highest rated game released: Batman: Arkham City (96)

Lowest rated game released: Bombing Busters (25)

Current average PS+ game Metacritic score: 75.86


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