9 things I want from the Switch 2

With the successor to the ludicrously successful Nintendo Switch rumoured to be launching early 2025, these are the main features I’d like to see from the Big N’s new machine:

1. Backwards Compatibility

For me, the Switch 2 being fully backwards compatible with the original Switch library is a non-negotiable feature. The Switch has one fo the most impressive first-party libraries a Nintendo console has ever seen, and easily the bigges third-party selection.

Not allowing users to play old Switch games on the Switch 2 would be a loss for all sides – it wouldn’t help Switch 2 sales, and wouldn’t be good for the gamers.

Bonus points if Switch games perform better/play in an enhanced way on Switch 2!

2. Wii Charm

One of the few negatives I have to say about the Switch was the overall lack of general charm about the thing, particularly the UI and UX. Remember the Wii’s interface? With the channels, the music, the Wii Shop, the photo editor, the Miis – it all oozed charm and was a key reason for its success.

The best thing you can say about the Switch’s UI is that it was functional, but it felt very bare-bones and almost cheap, Android-tablet like. I’d love Nintendo to bring back some of that trademark attention to detail with the Switch 2’s interface.

3. PS4 Pro Power

We all now the Switch 2 isn’t going to be competing with the big boys of this gen – the PS5 and Xbox Series X. But a significant power upgrade is needed from the 6-year-old Switch, which was even underpowered for its time.

Having the capactiy of the PS4 Pro/Xbox One X is what the Switch 2 should be aiming for. Seeing what Nintendo can do with that capability is a really enticing prospect, and having that on-the-go with an OLED screen would be fantastic.

4. Bigger JoyCons

We all love the JoyCons, but they’re a bit small, aren’t they? Playing in handheld mode is OK, but trying the use the joycons on their own just gets a bit ridicuous. Having slightly larger JoyCons with slightly longer analogue sticks would go a long way in improving the experience

5. Achievements

It probably isn’t going to happen, but I’d love to see Nintendo develop some kind of trophy/achievement system that ties all their games into one ecosystem, just like Sony and Microsoft have. I love Achievements – when done right they can add a tonne of value and replayability to a game, and serve as a great way to compare how you’re doing against friends.

Some kind of system like this would be a real benefit to Nintendo games, and the Switch 2 seems the perfect opportunity to bring it in. Why not add achievements to old Switch games too?

6. Online Improvements

The Switch represented one step forward and two steps back in terms of the online service it provided. On the plus side, we got a more robust connection for most games (though still not perfect) and an online library of old games. However things baffingly got worse when compared to the Wii U and 3DS generation – I can’t chat to anyone, I can’t interact with any strangers or meet and befriend people, and I can barely play online with friends in a meaningful way.

It’s high time Nintendo got with the times and offered an online service that competes with Sony and Microsoft.

7. Lose the gimmicks

Do we need microphones on the JoyCons? Haptic rumble? And what are those cameras for? Do we even need motion controls?

All these gimmicks, while in theory are nice-to-haves, all just amount to increasing the price of the machine and offer relatively little value in return. Nintendo should keep it simple with the Switch 2, and just give us what we really need.

8. All eShop and Online data transfer

Not being able to bring across your eShop purchases from the Wii U to the Switch was a bit of a travesty. Repeating the same denial in the Switch 2 would be a disgrace – I want all my game saves and owned games to come across, as well as all my progress and saves from my NSO N64 and SNES games. Make the transition to Switch 2 seamless.

9. GameCube and Wii Online

Nintendo, eventually, did a good job bringing GameBoy, NES, SNES and N64 games to Switch Online, with decent emulation and good save/rewind features. The obvious next step is the GameCube, followed by the Wii – it would be fantastic if they launched a library of GameCube games with Switch Online to coincide with the launch.

However with Nintendo keen on remaking more and more GameCube titles as standalone Switch games, this might be wishful thinking. But I’d love to see it!

One thing is for certain – Nintendo can’t afford to repeat what happened with the Wii U following the Wii’s success. They need to build on what made the Switch great, rather than deviating too much.