FPL Tools

As an avid player of Fantasy Premier League, I enjoy developing tools that help augment the experience.

Here’s a breakdown of the tools I’ve created so far:

What-if Machine 

A cruel tool that calculates how many points your team would have if you’d never made a transfer, captaincy change or change of any kind at all since Gameweek 1. Approach with caution!


What-if Minileague Machine

Like the above, only this shows all the what-if scores from your entire mini-league, showing where everyone would rank if they’d all just left it all alone. Approach with extreme caution!


Transfer Tracker

A tool designed to determine whether it’s worth taking a hit. Shows how many transfers everyone in your Mini-league has taken relative to their point totals.


You vs The Average

Compare how well you’re doing against the average FPL score each week, as well as the total average score.


You vs a Rival

Compare how well you’re doing against an FPL rival of your choice, with a graph that shows both your progress throughout the season.


Mini-league Player Ownership Percentages

See which players are most and least-owned in your mini-league.


Chip Checker

See who has used which chips in your mini-league, and how you compare.


Career History Analyser

View how well you’ve actually done in seasons gone by, with your average points, average overall rank and year-by-year breakdown of performance, showing your percentile finish for each season.