FPL Tools

As an avid player of Fantasy Premier League, I enjoy developing tools that help augment the experience.

Have an explore of the various tools below, from the infamous What-if Machine showing you what your team would look like if you’d made no changes, to the FPL Bubble Charts, which illustrate FPL data in insightful graphs.

If you want to get better at FPL, the excellent book FPL Obssessed is available from Amazon here.

Here’s a breakdown of the FPL tools I’ve created so far:

What-if Machine 

A cruel tool that calculates how many points your FPL team would have if you’d never made a transfer, captaincy change, or change of any kind at all since Gameweek 1. Approach with caution!

What-if Minileague Machine

Like the above, only this shows all the what-if scores from your entire mini-league, showing where everyone would rank if they’d all just left it all alone. Approach with extreme caution!

AFPL Analysis

Join Josh and Jack for AFPL, an alternative look at everything FPL-related, featuring deep-dives into evergreen FPL questions. Is xG data useful? Should you take a -4 hit? How should you pick a captain? All this and more on YouTube.

Mini-league Player Ownership Percentages

See which players are most and least-owned in your mini-league.

Chip Checker

See who has used which chips in your mini-league, and how you compare.

Career History Analyser

View how well you’ve actually done in seasons gone by, with your average points, average overall rank and year-by-year breakdown of performance, showing your percentile finish for each season.

Form Checker

Check how well the individual players in your team have been doing over the past 4 gameweeks, and assess whether it’s time to captain them or ship them out.

FPL Team Copier

Do you get annoyed typing out your team when you want to show it off to friends, rivals or random internet strangers? Well fret no more! At the click of a button get your team copied to clipboard in a nice format.

A Complete Guide to the FPL API

Do you want to make your own web apps like these? This guide shows you how to connect to the FPL API to get the data you need, with details of all the endpoints exposed.

Your FPL Transfer Personality

What’s your FPL transfer personality? Find out your most popular time of day for a transfer, what days of the week you opt for, and how many you make per week on average. And more!

FPL Team xG Analyser

Use this tool to see how much xG your team has accumulated over the past 5 and 10 gameweeks, and compare that against how many goals they’ve scored.

FPL Bubble Charts

Some handy graphs that combine standard performance data such as xG and xA with FPL statistics, visually illustrating various aspects of players’ performance across the season.

Your FPL Season in One Big Graph

One big giant graph showing how your seaosn is going. It shows ongoing rank, week-by-week points, team value and overall points, all packaged together in one graph.

Current Overall Ownership of FPL Players, in Chart Form

A chart showing the current selected-by % of all FPL players, mapped against their current season point tallies. Perfect for spotting an under-the-radar differential.

Common-but-niche FPL Questions Answered

How do I leave an FPL mini-league? How do I change my team name? Where’s my team ID? Frequently asked questons about niche areas of FPL answered here.