FPL Bubble Charts

These FPL bubble charts combine FPL point data and in-game data such as expected goals and assists, to illustrate how players are peforming over the season.

Total FPL points x Expected Goals x Expected Assists

This graph shows the top 30 FPL point scorers mapped against expected goals and assists, with the size of the bubble being their total points. The colours of the bubbles show their respective positions. Hover over a bubble to see who they are.

Goalkeeper Performance

This chart shows every goalkeeper in the game, mapped against expected clean sheets per 90 and average number of saves per 90. Again, the bubble size represents their overall FPL point total.

Expected vs Reality

This chart shows the expected goals & assists total vs the actual goals & assists total for the top 150 most selected players. Players above the line are overperforming, whereas players beneath the line are under-performing their expected data. Size of each circle represents total FPL points.

Best Defenders

Who actually are the best defenders to pick in FPL? This chart blends both defensive and attacking stats to give an indicaiton of the best performing potential picks. The closer to the top-right of the chart, the better they’ll be for FPL.

Bonus vs BPS

This chart shows actual bonus points accumulated against the total BPS accumulated per game. If a player finishes in the top three BPS in a given game, they get 1, 2 or 3 bonus points depending on where they finish.

Goals vs Bonus

This chart shows goals scored against bonus points gained for the top 50 goal scorers in the Prem. Who gets rewarded more for their goals with bonus points? And who scores loads but doesn’t see much in the way of bonus?

Price vs Points per Game

This chart shows the players’ price in FPL vs their point per game average, for the 100 highest point scoring players of the season. Who are the bargains?

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