Road to Stampers Forever

Stampers Forever is the name given to an Achievement in the Rare Replay Collection that requires the collection of 330 stamps across the 30 games in the collection. Stamps are obtained by completing milestones throughout the completion of each game, and beating playlists and snapshots comprised of set pieces from each game.

It’s widely regarded as the most difficult achievement to obtain in Xbox history, with TrueAchievements tracking showing that of a sample of 70,000 people who started the game, only 95 have completed it. That’s 0.14%. It’s the ultimate test of endurance, skill and patience. Three things I lack.

So, as a child raised on Rare’s SNES and N64 classics but with no experience of their earlier games, I’ve decided to give it a bash, and document my experience in doing so. I’m sure it’ll be a pleasant and entirely non-frustrating experience.

This page acts an an index for each Day in the series. Select the day below.

Day 1 – Bold Banjo Beginnings

Day 2 – A Little Bit of Everything

Day 3 – Battletoad Banter

Day 4 – Snakes and Mansions

Day 5 – Grabbed by the Gruntilda

Day 6 – Jet Force Jetman

Day 7 – Gunfright Delight

Day 8 – 360 Fatigue