ASMR and Gaming: The 5 best ASMR gaming videos

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a phenomenon experience by many people that involves a sense of extreme relaxation, often accompanied by pleasurable ‘tingles’ across the arms, spine or head.

It can be triggered by many things: someone speaking softly, someone explaining something or talking through something, or watching someone paying special attention to something mundane.

For as long as I can remember I have always experienced it, and when I discovered a large community of ‘ASMRtists’ – people dedicated to making videos designed illicit the response – I was delighted.

I thought I’d put together a collection of five of the best ASMR videos I’ve come across that are game-related:

5. Time Travel Tuesday: Legend of Zelda by ASMR Requests


ASMR Requests is one of the most popular ASMRtists, largely due to the amount of production value applied to her videos. In her excellent Time Travel Tuesday series, she takes votes from her fans on which retro-topic she should cover, and applies extensive research to the winning vote, producing a relaxing and informative video. Her Zelda episode is one of her best, and even the most die-hard Zelda fan might learn something.


4. Video Game Collection – Novels by The ASMR Gamer

The ASMR Gamer is a great lad and prolific video publisher, who’s channel is full of great reviews, collections and unboxings. His collection of video game novels is my pick of the bunch.


3. Pokémon Show and Tell with Misty! by Brittany ASMR

A great combination of a roleplay and show-and-tell, this video shows why true knowledge about the subject matter really pays off.


2. Nintendo Consoles Panning Whisper by ASMR Classics

This is just a lovely video, with a relaxed and informative tone and excellent deliberate, delicate handling of the consoles and controllers.

1 Soft Spoken Minecraft Tutorial: T-Rex by The French Whisperer

One of my favourite ASMRtists, all his videos are worth a watch if you struggle getting to sleep (that’s not an insult!). This one where he talks you through the building of a T-Rex in Minecraft is so well done, I could watch it forever.

There are hundreds of videos I haven’t listed that I love. What are your favourites?