Quiz: Name the cities of Elder Scrolls

Elder Scrolls Map

Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim are three of the biggest and best games released over the past 20 years. Spanning huge fantastic lands, each contains a number of cities where the inahabitants dwell.

Can you name every city in the games?


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  • Fullmetalnyuu

    Let’s see if I can do this

    Skyrim: Markarth, Morthal, Falkreath, Whiterun, Dawnstar, Windhelm, Riften. As for smaller towns, I remember Dragon Bridge, Ivarstead, Rorikstead, Helgen and Riverwood

    Oblivion/Cyrodiil: Imperial City, Bruma, Cheydinhall, Leyawiin, Anvil, Kvatch, Chorrol. Can’t remember any smaller towns other than Hackdirt

    Morrowind: Balmora, Ald’rhun, Ebonheart, Tel Branora, Tel Vos/Vos, Seyda Neen, Khuul, Vivec, Molag Mar, Suran, Ghostgate, Gnisis. I know I’m missing a few, but /eh/, I tried.