Quiz: Name every weapon in Team Fortress 2

tf2 quiz

Team Fortress 2 is one of the most beloved online shooters ever, with a strong community almost ten years after its release.

Can you name every weapon in the game?


  • Vinny

    The Force a Nature
    The Soda Popper
    The Baby Face Blaster
    The Back Scatter
    The Shortstop
    Bonk! Atomic Punch
    The Winger
    The Pretty Boy’s Pocket Pistol
    The Lugermorph (reskin)
    The Mad Milk
    The Mutated Milk (reskin)
    The Flying Guillotine
    The Atomizer
    The Sandman
    The Fan o’ War
    The Boston Basher
    The Holy Mackerel (reskin)
    The Three-Rune Blade (reskin)

    The Liberty Launcher
    The Direct Hit
    The Black Box
    The Air Strike
    The Rocket Jumper
    The Gunboats
    The Reserve Shooter
    The Mantreads
    The Buff Banner
    The Concherer
    The Battalion’s Backup
    The Market Gardener
    The Equalizer
    The Escape Plan
    The Pain Train
    The Disciplinary Action

    The Phlogistinator
    The Degreaser
    The Backburner
    The Rainblower (reskin)
    The Manmelter
    The Flare Gun
    The Scorch Shot
    The Detonator
    The Reserve Shooter
    The Panic Attack
    The Third Degree
    The Powerjack
    The Axestinguisher (how ever you spell it)
    The Back Scratcher
    The Homewrecker
    The Neon Annihilator
    The Lollichop (reskin)
    The Postal Pummeler (reskin)

    The Iron Bomber
    The Bootlegger (reskin)
    Ali Baba’s Wee Booties
    The Loch n’ Load
    The Loose Cannon
    The BASE Jumper
    The Quickiebomb Launcher
    The Scottish Resistance
    The Tide Turner
    The Chargin’ Targe
    The Splendid Screen
    The Stickybomb Jumper
    The Scottish Handshake
    The Persian Persuader
    The Half-Zatoichi
    The Eyelander
    The Scottish Handshake (reskin)
    The Nine-Iron (reskin)
    The Mór
    The Caber
    The Scotsman’s Scullcutter

    That’s all I’m doing for now, lol.