The Week in Gaming: Friday Thoughts (14th October 2016)

Some thoughts on what’s happened in the gaming world this week:


  • The new Gears looks good, as most of them do. The gameplay has never really clicked for me, particularly multiplayer, but I’m tempted to give it a try based on the positive reviews.


  • PS4 VR looks really good but still not sure I want it. Have a bad feeling it’ll be this generation’s Kinect. I.e. an expensive red herring.


  • Paper Mario Color Splash is fun but just not on the same level as TTYD. Just make a true sequel Nintendo.


  •  PES > FIFA this year, and there’s clear daylight between the two. Buy PES if you enjoy football games. It’s as simple as that.


  •  I haven’t played Pokemon Go in a month. Funny how things change so quickly.


  •  Turok 2 is coming back. Had a lot of fun with the original, which was blighted by controls and fog. If they improve both I’ll definitely jump in again.


  •  Cuphead is finally coming mid 2017. I think it’ll be a blast and I’m not bothered by the delay.

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