Friday thoughts

A little late this one, but oh well. Monday thoughts it is.

The new COD has apparently fallen 50% in sales here in the UK when compared to last years Black Ops 3. I really don’t think COD fans want the futuristic setting – it’s the reason CoD4¬†appealed to non-Halo fans in the first place. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the series take a step back in time next year, especially with how well Battlefield 1 has done.

Speaking of Battlefield 1, EA have done really well with both it and Titanfall 2. These will no doubt also be eating into COD’s projected sales, and by all accounts deservedly so.

Interesting to see Nintendo’s stocks fall following the Switch announcement. I recall they did the same thing when the Wii U was announced. People obviously not too sure how well it’ll do – I’m in that boat too. You feel it’s one or the other with Nintendo, either a smash hit (Wii, DS) or a failure (Wii U, GC).

According to Digital Foundry, the PS4k sounds like a mixed bag at best. I don’t plan on getting a 4K screen any time soon, but even so it doesn’t even guarantee games will run at 1080p at a stable 60fps – something which in my opinion should have been a standard minimum with the first wave of this generation.

For some reason I’ve found myself watching a lot of speed-run videos recently. I’m not sure why, but it really is fascinating to see people play the games I grew up with at such a high level, exploiting bugs and showing technique I couldn’t dream of getting. Here’s one of my faves showing a run of F-Zero GX: