Friday Thoughts

Some thoughts on the week gone by:


The PS4 Pro it seems isnt quite living up to it’s promise – with the latest reports showing Skyrim and some other games actually run better in some departments on the original console. Oh dear. I really don’t think I’ll be getting one. Curious to see how the Scorpio turns out next year.


Excited to play The Last Guardian… at last. It does look more ICO than SoTC so far, but I’d bet there is much more to the game than we’ve seen.


Looking forward to Black Friday and what that brings, I think I’ll splash out on an Xbox One S if this price is right.


I never really got on with the first Dishonored. I appreciated it for it’s style and polish, but something about it just didn’t appeal to me. Maybe it’s the art style – I had the same issue with Beyond Good and Evil, which shares a similar look. I think I’ll pass on the sequel, though I’m sure if hyou enjoyed the first you’ll enjoy this one.