10 games I want to see on the Switch

With the Nintendo Switch only 4 months away, precious little is still known about the console in terms of pricing, storage, battery life, and most importantly: the games.

Via the announcement trailer We’ve had a tease of a new Mario, possibly an updated Mario Kart and Splatoon, Skyrim and NBA2K, but here are 10 titles I’d love to see on the platform that I think would make it a must-buy:

Metroid Prime 4


The most crucial one for me, it’s almost been a decade since Prime 3. Far too long for one of the most critically-acclaimed franchises in gaming history. Prime on the move would be just lovely, but playing as Samus in true high definition is something we haven’t been able to do yet, and Metroid on the Switch just has to happen. Retro Studios have done a fine job with Donkey Kong, but let them get back to what they do best.


Starfox done right



A franchise we were all glad to see make an appearance on the Wii U was Starfox, but what we got was something that didn’t quite live up to its name in Starfox Zero. Nintendo needs to give the franchise another shot on the switch – and don’t restrain the game to linear levels – open the thing up and show some ambition. The Switch will be able to handle huge worlds and space battles, which is the direction Starfox should go.



If 9 years is too long since a Metroid game, then 13 years since F-Zero GX is just criminal. That game still looks amazing today – imagine how good it would look in HD on the Switch? Just give the thing back to SEGA (who Lord knows need something decent to work on right now) and let them work that same magic they worked in 2003. Even a remake would be acceptable, just perhaps make the experience a little more accessible.


A true Mario 64/Sunshine sequel


I’m a big fan of the Galaxy series, but a key thing I thought they lacked was a proper hub world. I’m encouraged by the glimpse we saw in the trailer of what looked like a Sunshine-esque town, but I’d love confirmaiton of a true Mario game of that ilk. Playing aorund in Peach’s Castle or Delfino Plaza are some of the best parts of those games, and the hub worlds of the Galaxy series have lacked by comparison. It would be disappointing to see the direciton continue on its current trajectory of bite-size levels and minimal hubs. Reverse that trend Nintendo.


A proper Pokemon


If the rumours are true and Nintendo are going to focus all of their software efforts on one console, then we will see a proper Pokemon game on there. Rumours have it that Sun and Moon will make an appearance, and whilst that would be great, I’d love to see the series make a jump to fully-3D environments. Nintendo are the masters of helping their franchises make this transition, and Pokemon is the last big fish they need ot land in this regard.


Resident Evil


Remember when the gameCube was the home of Resident Evil? It would be brilliant to see Capcom commit to the Switch in the same vein as the famous ‘Capcom 5’ pledge back in 2002, as there hasn’t been mainline Resi game on a Nintendo console since 4’s multiple remasters. A proper Resident Evil game on the go would be fantastic.

Rayman Legends sequel


In my opinion the best 2D platformer ever, Rayman legends was originally set to be a Wii U exclusive, until the console’s ill-fated sales meant it had to branch out to survive. It would be fantastic if Ubisoft gave the limbless hero another shot on the Switch, especially if the screen has touch functionality.


EA Sports games


Regardless of your opinion of them, EA Sports titles sell consoles, and they’re pretty high quality to boot. Nintendo need to get EA back on board for the Switch, and bring their full-fat titles back to the console too. None of this ‘EA Play’ nonsense we saw on the Wii. Get FIFA, Madden et al back and we’ll see proper support. Same goes for Call of Duty while we’re at it.

Mass Effect Andromeda


We saw Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U, but the thing had been out over a year by then. Mass Effect Andromeda on the console would be great to see, and really help make the statement that the Switch is here to compete on the same playing field as the one and the PS4.


Bayonetta 3


One of the resounding successes of the Wii U, Bayonetta 2 was by all accounts a masterpiece and became a cornerstone of the console. A third game in the series on the Switch would be a real coup for Nintendo, exclusive or not.