Quiz: Name every victim in the Ace Attorney series

The Ace Attorney seires is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed on the DS – can you name the 18 victims in the first four games?


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  • JesusMonroe

    1. Cindy Stone
    2. Mia Fey
    3. Jack Hammer
    4. Robert Hammond
    5. Bruce Goodman
    6. Dustin Prince
    7. Turner Grey
    8. Russell Berry
    9. Juan Corrida
    10. Doug Swallow
    11. Kane Bullard
    12. Glen Elg
    13. Valerie Hawthorne
    14. Elise Deauxnim/Misty Fey
    15. Shadi Smith/Zak Gramarye
    16. Pal Meratkis
    17. Romein Letouse
    18. Drew Misham

    If you wanted to make this harder, you should’ve had us include Gregory Edgeworth, Neil Marshall, Joe Darke, Ini Miney, Leon, Celeste Inpax, Terry Fawles, Dahlia Hawthorne, and Magnifi Gramarye. Unless this is a trick question, in which case I add those to my answer :p

  • Cameron Waggoner

    Cindy Stone
    Mia Fey
    Jack Hammer
    Robert Hammond
    Dustin Prince
    Turner Gray
    Russel Berry
    Juan Corrida
    Doug Swallow
    Kane Bullard
    Glen Elg
    Valerie Hawthorne
    Misty Fey
    Shadi Smith (Zak Gramarye)
    Pal Merkatis
    Romein LeTuse
    Drew Misham
    Magnifi Gramarye