10 great gifts for Zelda fans

What do you buy a fan of a series who inevitably already has all the games in said series?


Your Zelda-loving friend may have mastered Majora, whitewashed Wind Waker and obliterated Ocarina, but what they probably have not done is laid their filthy gauntlets on these non-game treasures…


1. Zelda Chess


Another way to keep Ganon in check is with this lovely chess set. With beautifully crafted pieces of your favourite Hylian (and non-Hylian) characters from the series, this set will surely never see a pawn shop…


Check the price here on Amazon.



2. Heart Container 




Win that special someone’s heart over with a literal piece of heart. It can be hung… well, it can’t be hung around their wrist…or neck…it just sort of sits there. But boy does it look just lovely in its velvet padded box. (Disclaimer: Collecting four of these does not extend your life).


It can be bought here from Amazon.



3. Zelda Monopoly




Who hasn’t wanted to scratch their capitalist tycoon itch in Hyrule? One thing the videogames distinctly lack is a ruthless property-based economy, so this version of the all-time classic Monopoly will go some way in filling that void. Should really be called Zeldopoly though.


Check it out here on Amazon.



4. Zelda Crew Socks



Keep your ankles warm on Death Mountain with these trendy and colourful crew socks. There are actually loads of great Zelda-themed socks on Amazon, so fill your (iron)boots!

Buy them here from Amazon.



5.   The Legend of Zelda: Art and Artifacts




Dash over to the bookshelf and knock down this excellent book that’s even better than Hyrule Historia. Filled with beautiful art from across the games, you’ll no longer have to actually play the games themselves to revisit all the magical places in Hyrule. 


Check the price here on Amazon.



6. Zelda Laptop Backpack




Sick of carrying your laptop around in just a regular ol’ non-Zelda themed backpack? Aren’t we all? Thankfully, someone’s made this, and now passers by will no longer be unaware of your love for all things Zelda.


Get it here from Amazon.



7. Zelda Plushies



Snuggly-wuggly-Wind-Waker-themed-plushy-wushies! Great for you to cuddle and your dog to ruin.


Check them out here on Amazon.



8. Zelda Phone Case



As well as being beautifully designed, the best thing about this phone case is that by being stained-glass in style, it accurately reflects the fragility of your highly-breakable, fancy-pants smartphone. But all jokes aside it does look lovely, doesn’t it?


Check the price here on Amazon.



9. Majora’s Mask Wallet




MM? More like MMMMMmm! This wonderful wallet is as useful as it is stylish, perfect for holding all those rupees you never spend.


Get it here from Amazon.



10. Zelda Triforce Flag



We all know you’re never truly a fan of anything until you have a flag of it hanging outside your home. Thank the Goddesses for this, then.


It’s available here from Amazon.