Gengar Gifts: 10 great Gengar-related presents for Pokémon lovers

We all know Gengar is the best Pokémon, no matter what Pokémon Go might want us to think.


And of course there’s no Substitute for a Poké-present, so your friends and loved ones will think you’re genuinely Psychic for picking up these spook-tacular Gengar gifts. What’s more, they won’t be a Mega Drain on your finances, as they’re all great value.


In fact, the only thing missing from this list is a Gengar-themed Night Shade!


…anyway enough of that. On with the gifts:


1. Gengar Backpack

Ever wished you could replace your boring old backpack with a Gengar? It’s a common problem many of us face, with the main thing stopping us being that we need to carry our badges and Pokéballs to and from the local Gyms and Pokemon Centres; and boring backpacks do serve that purpose.


Well, someone’s finally answered our troubles. We can now have the best of both worlds with this Gengar backpack. On the outside it’s a Gengar, on the inside a  backpack. Problem solved.


Check it out here on Amazon.


2. Gengar Patch

Fallen out with a Gengar-loving friend? This might be the perfect thing to patch things up – it’s a Gengar patch! Perfect for that backpack you just bought a second ago.


Check the price here on Amazon.


3. Shiny Gengar Tee

The only thing better than a regular Gengar is a shiny Gengar. Annoyingly, they can be hard to find in the games, so if you haven’t caught one yet why not pretend you have with this excellent Shiny Gengar T-Shirt? Shiny Gengars are actually guaranteed to show up more often if you’re wearing one*.


*Not a guarantee.


It’s here on Amazon.


4. Gengar Plush Backpack

Maybe that Gengar backpack up there wasn’t your thing. Maybe it was too backpack-y and not Gengar-y enough for you. Well, fear not, as this one is practically a big cuddly Gengar with straps. What it lacks in subtlety it makes up for in Gengarness.


Check the price here on Amazon.


5. Gengar Hoodie

Maybe it’s too cold where you live for that Shiny Gengar shirt, and you’re forced to wear something over it for warmth reasons. Fine, but then people won’t know you love Gengar, right? Wrong! This Gengar Hoodie is very well made and more importantly, very Gengar-centric.


Check it out here on Amazon.



6. Gengar Cap

Conversely it may be too hot where you live, and that blazing sun keeps bearing down on your bald, sweaty scalp when you’re out and about. Not nice. Gengar may hate the sun, but he’s willing to shade (Night Shade?) you from its unbearably heat rays with this Gengar cap.


It’s available here from Amazon.

7. Gengar Sweatpants:

You’ll be the talk of Lavender Town with these sexy Gengar sweatpants. I like these as they’ve just gone with Gengar’s eyes and mouth silhouettes, so only fellow true Gengar fans will understand. Not those filthy casual Gengar fans clogging up the Gengar forums.


Check it out here on Amazon.

8. Gengar Dog Tag


Are you in the army and love Gengar? As far as I’m aware they currently don’t issue Gengar shaped dogtags in Navy, Army or Air Force (at least for now) so this dog tag is the only way you’re gonna get one. I guess if you’re not in the army and want one too you can buy it, but then you’re running the risk of looking like you’re in the army/getting shot/killed/captured/judged unfairly.


Check the price here on Amazon.

9. Gengar Transformable Plush

I had to include this guy because look at his little face! The designers have boldly done away with Gengar’s trademark eyes and mouth and just gone with their own thing. And I for one applaud it. What do you mean it’s meant to be a Ditto Gengar? Get outta here.


It’s available here on Amazon.

10. Gengar Barbeque Apron

Imagine the looks on your friends’ and co-workers’ faces when you invite them to a BBQ, and when they show up you’re sporting this puppy! The full Gengar family is here, with Gastly and Haunter also joining in the cooking fun. It’s a Brilliant Banshee BBQ Bonanza! Absolutely priceless! (Actual price revealed in the link below).


Grab it here from Amazon.