10 great Xbox One games under £20

It may not seem like it, but gaming today is actually much cheaper than it used to be. 15, 20 years ago you could expect to pay typically between £50-£60 for a game, and the price of games hardly deprecated over time. 

Now though, with many more games released and hardware and software cheaper to produce, games decrease in price much quicker, meaning it can definitely pay to be a patient gamer.

So maybe you’ve just purchased an Xbox One and are looking to play some bargain-classics, or maybe you’ve had one for a while and are looking for some gems you’ve missed.

Either way, here are what I deem to be 10 of the best games for the Xbox One under 20 pounds:

10: Batman: Arkham Knight


The final game in the Arkham trilogy, Arkham Knight released to critical acclaim (at least the console version did… stay away form the PC version!). The game gives players a huge Gotham to explore, and allows you to utilise the Batmobile for the first time in what amount to excellent tank battles.

As with every game in the series, it’s a technical marvel and one of the best-looking games on the XB1.

It’s a fitting end to the Arkham series, see the price on Amazon here.

9: Rare Replay Collection


As a Nintendo child this is actually the game that made me buy an Xbox One. With 30 games from Rareware’s rich history including favourites like Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie and Jet Force Gemini, it’s honestly the best value bundle since The Orange Box. 

Rare may not be quite the force they once were in the industry, but this smorgasbord of delights shows why they were once the crown jewel in the UK’s gaming industry.

Whether you’ve played these classics or not it’s well worth picking up at  from Amazon here.

8: Destiny


Bungie’s Destiny came under criticism upon release after intense hype surrounding the game, but mainly due to its rather thin amount of content. Fortunately though, now is the best time to play the game, as Bungie have released multiple expansion packs, padding out the game with hours more playtime.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a Halo games, you’ll enjoy Destiny. The gunplay is second-to-none this generation, with Bungie showing that they’re still the masters of the sci-fi FPS niche. It eclipses Halo 5 as the best in the genre this generation so far.

Click here to see the price from Amazon.


The pleasant surprise of 2016 for me. In many ways Doom had no right to be this good. Fast-paced, beautiful and brutally gory, Doom manages to combine everything great about the original with slick modern gameplay we’ve come to expect from first person shooters today. A real challenge and a joy to play from start to finish.

It’s the only game on the list who’s single-player mode actually outshines the multiplayer component, which remains solid if unspectacular. The campaign in this game is just a blast, and you owe it to yourself to play it.

 It’s on Amazon here.

6: Killer Instinct


In my opinion it’s better than both Street Fighter V and Mortal Kombat X. Exclusive to Microsoft’s machine, Killer Instinct is an excellent fighter, with a healthy roster, great visuals and deep mechanics.

You can get it from Amazon here.

5: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag


Simply the best Assassin’s Creed game. Remastered for Xbox One, it just makes the game even smoother and better-looking.

The atmosphere, setting, ship battles and charming characters make this a joy to play from start to finish.

If you missed out on this gem last generation, click here to see the price from Amazon.

4: Dragon Age Inquisition


Bioware’s sprawling fantasy epic is the best in the series – if you’re a fan of open world fantasy RPG’s then Inquisition should be experienced.

DA:I fixes almost all of the missteps Dragon Age 2 made before it, giving us fully-fleshed out mechanics and a seamless world with satisfying sidequests.

It’s available here on Amazon at the moment.

3: Wolfenstein


Worthwhile single-player FPS experiences are a dying breed, but thankfully Wolfenstein came out of nowhere, defying all expectations to become one of the best examples of how atmosphere and narrative combined with solid gunplay can still provide a relevant single player experience today.

If you prefer your FPSes of the single-player variety, Wolfenstein is for you.

The game is available here on Amazon.

2: Shadow of Mordor


A real personal favourite, Shadow of Mordor’s unique Nemesis system – where the enemies evolve around you based on your experience with them – was revolutionary at the time and still hasn’t been bettered.

It’s the game I’ve actually spent the most time on since purchasing an Xbox One, with a fabulour endgame that encourages you to keep playing.

If you think you’d enjoy Arkham-style fighting combined with Assassin’s Creed movement and a large open world set in Tolkein’s Middle Earth, then this is a n0-brainer here from Amazon.

1: Titanfall


The sequel to this game is fantastic, but only because it was built on a truly solid foundation. The original Titanfall is an excellent and unique shooter, with great gunplay, graphics and atmosphere. There is still a dedicated player-base, so if you fancy some quality shooting for a budget price, you can pick Titanfall up from Amazon here.