Pokégifts: 10 Great Bulbasaur Gifts

Ah, Bulbasaur. The starter choice of many in Pokémon Red/Blue, the little green scamp won the favour of many back in 1996.

Bulbasaur remains one of the most popular Pokémon, ensnaring our hearts with his vines and planting the seed of joy in our minds..?

If you know someone with a Bulb-obsession, or perhaps you’re a Bulbamaniac yourself, these 10 gifts will be sure to sort you out:

1. Bulbasaur Ditto Plush

Ah jeez, I just love these Ditto transform plushes. I mean look at the eyes and mouth. It would be better if all Pokémon had these features as default, and their normal features when Ditto changes into them.

But for now we’ll have to settle for the way things are, and this adorable Bulba-plush will do.

It’s here on Amazon.

2. Bulbasaur Pillow



We’ve all gone to bed, rested our head down on our pillow and wished the whole thing was a more Bublbasaur-esque experience.

Well fret no longer. This beauty is 50% pillow, 50% Bulbasaur, and 100% fantastic. It’s got all the benefits of both and the drawbacks of neither…

Check the pillow’s price here on Amazon.


3. Bulbasaur Plant Pot



I know what you’re thinking – why is the title a ‘Bulbasaur Plant Pot’, and the picture is just a regular ol’ Bulbasaur? Look closer. The bulb on its back isn’t in fact a bulb, it’s a real-life, bonafide plant, that you can grow and tend to as you would any other regular plant.

What they’ve done here is cleverly take advantage of the fact that the bulb on a Bulbasuar looks like a plant, and replaced it with an actual plant.

Sadly there’s no reverse model available, with a plastic bulb and a frog.

Our potted friend is here on Amazon.


4. Bulbasaur Dog Coat



Your dog will be the envy of all the other hounds in the park when he strolls up sporting this fabulous number.

Bulbasaur looks as proud and determined as your pooch will feel when he’s showing off his new Bublasaur outfit.

Check the price here on Amazon.


5. Bulbasaur Shades


Planning your holiday to somewhere sunny? Why not let Bulbasaur help keep the sun out of your eyes with these trendy shades?

These will also go great whilst walking your Bulbasaur-outfit-wearing dog. You’ll become a walking Bulbasaur brand.

Check it out here on Amazon.


6. Bulbasaur Stud Earrings 



Show off your love of Bulbasaur by literally piercing your flesh with his face.

These charming studs will give you two mini Bulbasaur heads in place of your boring ear lobes. A 100% improvement.

They’re available here from Amazon.


7. Bulbasaur Sleeping Mask


Ok, so you’ve got your Bulbasaur pillow, and you’re excited. You’re so excite din fact, that you can’t sleep!

A sleeping mask should help – but now you’ve committed to a Bulbasaur-themed sleeping experience you don’t want to compromise. Luckily this Bulbasaur sleeping mask exists for all your blackout needs.

Check it out here on Amazon.


8. Bulbasaur Apron


Now we’re cookin’!

Rustle up some grub and look good doing it with this fantastic Bulbasaur apron.

It’s the best apron I never saur.

Check the price here on Amazon.


9. Bulbasaur Teacup



It’s a Bulbasaur in a teacup. Not much more explanation needed, really.

I wonder what flavour tea Bulbasaur’s leaves would make… maybe there are different variants?

It’s available here on Amazon.


10. Bulbasaur Drink Bottle



I like this guy because they’ve gone for a minimalist Bulbasaur facial-feature-only design. It boasts a subtlety few other items on this lift possess. Only other true Bulba-fans will recognise this as you sip from it in public,meaning conversation will only be struck up with your Bulba-brethren.

Grab it here from Amazon.