Pokégifts: 10 Great Ivysaur Gifts

Ah Ivysaur. The awkward middle-child of the Bulbasaurus family.


Although, I’d argue Ivy’ isn’t awkward at all. Rather it represents a perfect middle ground between its older and younger forms, retaining the cuteness of Bulbasaur but with some of the badass-ery of Venusaur.


Let’s face it, Venusaur just looks grotesque. No one wants to cuddle a Venusaur.


So let’s look at the 10 best Ivysaur gifts on the market:


1. Ivysaur Anime Plush


What I like about this plush is that it’s specifically off the ‘Anime’ variety. Which means here Ivysaur has those distinct giant triangular eyes. Not that the non-anime Ivysaur eyes are all that different… I don’t know.

It’s here on Amazon.


2. Ivysaur Sticker


I felt a sticker was a fitting inclusion on this list as Ivysaur has always struck me as one of the more sticky Pokémon. That plant on his back but generate a fair amount of sap, and frogs are quite sticky too aren’t they? Slimy and sticky? And Ivysaur is quite frog-like?

Well, as tenuous s that link may be, this is still a nice sticker. Stick it in places to show your love for Ivy.

Check the sticker’s price here on Amazon.


3. Ivysaur 2-inch Figure


Look at this little guy! This little tyke is only 2 inches and reminds me of those tiny little microscopic sculptures people make that turn out to fit on the head of a pin. If you need an Ivysaur you can carry around inconspicuously and sneak into places, this is the Ivysaur for you.

Our little friend is here on Amazon.

4. 3DS XL Ivysaur Edition



Now this is a special one. No wonder the 3DS sold so well when beautiful versions like this are available. I don’t have the stats to hand but I’m 99% certain this edition of the 3DS is the best-selling, accounting for one in every two consoles sold.

Nintendo clearly knows who its real mascot is: Ivysaur is front and centre in this Ivy-dedicated 3DS. Classy.

Check the price here on Amazon.

5. Ivysaur Pint Glass


What’s great about this glass is that if you fill it up with a green smoothie it actually makes the Ivysaur the proper colour.

Or you could fill it with beer and have a beervysaur. OK that’s awful. I couldn’t think of a beverage that sounds like ‘Ivy’? Edit: Should’ve gone with Ivy-pour yourself a beer.

Check it out here on Amazon.

6. Ivysaur & Family Cap



This cap is great as it lets you shield yourself from the sun’s deadly rays and also displays the ‘saur family in a very stylishly-drawn way. It might be cheating a bit as it includes Bulbasaur and Venusaur but to be frank there aren’t that many Ivysaur-only gifts out there and I’ve got ten spots to fill dammit.

They’re available here from Amazon.


7. Ivysaur Green Phone Case


This is a great find and not just because the seller actually has cases for practically every device imaginable, but because Ivysaur just looks so noble and brooding in the design.

Look at him, staring off into the distance, probably pondering the existential implications of his life and what it all means. “Was the Bulbasaur I used to be a different Pokemon to who I am now? Or was it me? Is the plant on my back its own living entity, or part or me? Or both? Does it matter? Does anything matter?”

Check it out here on Amazon.


8. Ivysaur Plush


Another nice plush, this one of the non-anime variety apparently. It does look more conventional, and is by Hasbro, so you know it’ll be quality.

Check the price here on Amazon.


9. Ivysaur Black Iphone 6 Case


I really like this case. It’s dark, it’s moody, it’s stylish, it’s masculine – it’s everything Ivysaur is known for. If Ivysaur had an iPhone 6  himself, he’d have this case.

It’s available here on Amazon.


10. Japanese Dark Ivysaur Card


 Ok I know I’m scraping the barrel here, and when I set out to do these lists I told myself not to include Pokemon cards. But dammit, it’s Ivysaur and this is a Dark Ivysaur of the Japanese variety. That’s kooky enough to warrant a place. So here it is. Enjoy.

Grab it here from Amazon.