Pokégifts: 5 Charming Charmander Gifts

Charmander. One of the most iconic Pokémon, there’s a reason he was comfortably far the most popular starting monster in the original games. 

Combining adorable features with deadly fire attacks and seductive exotic evolutions, Charmander is truly a cultural icon.

Here are 5 great Charmander gifts:


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1. Catamander Tee

The first gift on this list isn’t even strictly a Charmander. It’s barely even a Pokemon. That’s the kind of curveball you’re in for with Pokégifts.

This t-shirt shows a ‘Catamander’: part cat, part Charmander. Truly a coming together of two greats of the modern day.

Grab the Cat here.


2. Garfmander


Ok this is the second and last cat-related Charmander gift on the list.

If you look closely you’ll see that there’s something off-yet-familiar about this Charmander – this one probably hates Mondays and loves lasagne more than the average ‘mander.

The designer actually makes Garfield versions of every Pokemon, so if you love both Pokémon and Garfield then this is probably one of the best days of your life. Enjoy.

Garfmander is available here.


3.Charmander Socks



Our first non-feline related item is a pair of lovely Charmander socks. Charmanders are all about warmth, and warming your feet is what these socks will do.


The socks are available here.


4. Charmander 3D Desk Lamp



Now this is a special one. This Charmander 3D desk lamp looks great in kid and adult bedrooms alike, and fills up the room with a fittingly-gentle Charmander glow. What better way to do some work or enjoy a book than to do so under Charmander’s watchful gaze?

The Charmander 3D lamp is available here from Amazon.


5. Charmander Ditto Plush



What is it about these Ditto plushes? This one truly puts the ‘charm’ in Charmander. The little smiley face is actually cuter than Charmander’s original face, which was already pretty darn adorable.

Get your Charmander Ditto plush here.