Commonly asked Questions about Cuphead

I am absolutely loving Cuphead, StudioMDHR’s 30’s-style side-scrolling shooter, release September 29 for Xbox One and PC.

The game is proving to be hugely popular, and a review will be up soon, but here are some frequently asked questions about the game for those thinking of making a purchase:

Is Cuphead on Steam?

Is it indeed! Cuphead released on 29 September on Valve’s service.

Will Cuphead come to PS4 or Nintendo Switch?

No. Sadly for owners of Sony and Nintendo consoles, in the console domain Cuphead is an exclusive to the Xbox One, with no currently plans to bring the game to PS4 or Switch in future.

Will Cuphead have a physical release?

No. Currently the game is only available digitally, via Steam or on the Xbox Store for £14.99. No boxed release is currently in the works, but never say never.

Will Cuphead be released on Mac?

No, there are no plans at the moment. Your best bet is playing via Wine, or installing windows via a VM on your Mac.

Will Cuphead have online co-op?

One of the most requested features is online co-op for Cuphead, as the game features local co-operative play only. The devs have hinted this will come in a future patch for the game, but nothing is set in stone yet.

Will Cuphead have DLC?

Maybe. Similar to the online co-op situation, there is currently nothing set in stone in terms of extra downloadable content planned for Cuphead. However, the success of the game undoubtedly will have exceeded the developer’s expectations, and there would be demand for some extra content, especially more bosses. The only sticking point here is the game’s development was painstaking, with every frame hand-drawn so as to maintain authenticity. Any DLC worth a damn would likely take a while.

How was Cuphead made?

This video is a fascinating insight into how gruelling the development process for Cuphead was. Anyone interested in game design, art design or animation in general should check it out.


How many bosses are in Cuphead?

There are 19 bosses in the game, as well as 3 Haunted Mausoleums and 6 side-scrolling shooting levels.

How much is Cuphead?

Cuphead is currently £14.99 in the UK and $19.99 in the USA.

How do you draw Cuphead?

A great question. This video is a great guide on drawing the little porcelain-cranium mascot:



Are Cuphead and Mugman brothers?

Mugman is the character the second player takes control of. While it is not explicitly stated anywhere in the game, it is generally assumed the two are brothers.

What is Cuphead rated?

Cuphead currently sits at 87% on Metacritic and 88% on OpenCritic. Highly rated indeed.

Is Cuphead just bosses?

No, but the stages are mainly bosses. There are 19 boss fights, 3 Mausoleums and 6 side-scrolling/platforming levels.

Is Cuphead the new Dark Souls?

Cuphead is indeed challenging, especially when compared to most other modern games. It is however nothing like Dark Souls in any other aspect, other than rewarding the player for patient learning of the mechanics. It’s similar in its philosophy of difficulty and player reward, but that’s where the similarities end!

Grab Cuphead from Amazon here.

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