5 Great Squirtle Gifts

Squirtle is one of the world’s favourite Pokémon, second only to Charmander in popularity in Red/Blue, Squirtle stole our hearts with his watery antics in the games and TV series alike.

Here are some nice Squirlte gifts for Squirtle fans everywhere:



5: Squirtle Plush

A Pokégift list wouldn’t be complete without a plush, and this Squirtle plush is one of the best. The shape of Squirtle just lends itself to a good plush, who wouldn’t want to snuggle up to this little guy in a time of need?

Soft, bouncy and full of fun, grab him here at Amazon.

4. Sleepy Squirtle Figurine

Just when you thought Squirtle couldn’t get more adorable, here he is taking a nap. All Pokémon need sleep after all. And there’s no way Squirtle can sleep on his back, he’d just roll around everywhere. His neck must hurt a bit though.

It’s up there with the best Pokémon figurines I’ve seen, a must-have for any Poké-figure collector.

He’s here on Amazon.

3. Squirtle Water Bottle

Squirtle is the figurehead of water-type Pokémon (get back in your box Tentacool) so I felt it fitting to include a Squirtle water bottle. Everyone needs a water bottle, so why not make it a Squirtle one?

You’ll be the envy of everyone at the gym if you walk in sipping from this little number. The picture of Squirtle even looks a bit evil on it, like he means business.

Quench your thirst right here from Amazon.

2. Squirtle Glasses

Don’t know a great Squirtle gift when you see one? Maybe you need your eyes testing, buddy. Or maybe you just need this fantastic pair of Squirtle glasses. Great for reading and also looking like Squirtle.

See the world through the eyes of Squirtle. Except not really as the eys are above the parts that your eyes look through. See the world through the mouth of Squirtle?

See them on Amazon here.

1. Squirtle Phone Case

Mobile phones are a lot like Squirtles. Squirtle needs a hard shell, to protect his soft squishy innards. And your phone needs one too.

Encapsulate and protect your phone with this charming Squirtle themed phone cover. For some reason he’s coming out of a hole, like a Diglett. I guess the artist couldn’t even be bothered to draw the other half of Squirtle. Still, it’s a snazzy cover.

Grab it on Amazon here.