Pokégifts: 7 Great Wartortle Gifts

This selection of gifts is related to everyone’s favourite angsty middle child, Wartortle. Wartortle is an interesting character, one of those Pokémon that resembles its predecessor far more than what it evolves into, and has some really cool and unique ears, that sadly get lost when it transforms into Blastoise.

Speaking of the ears, did you know that even though Wartortle’s ears are depicted lighter than its face in the official Sugimori stock art and most of its game sprites, early promotional pictures showed its ears the same color as its face? That’s according to Bulbapedia. Fascinating stuff. What a timeline that would be to live in.

Anyway, onto the gifts…

1. Wartortle Plush

This lovely plush displays all the sass expected from Wartortle, but also manages to remain cute and cuddly, striking that all-important balance between attitude and hug appeal.

It’s available here from Amazon.


2. Wartortle Pint Glass

It always feels right featuring a drinking glass when it’s a water-type Pokémon, and so this  handmade Wartortle pint glass fits into this collection perfectly. There aren’t many blue drinks to pour into it to make the colour scheme correct, but you won’t be worried about canon when you’re sipping a cool refreshing beverage from your brand new Wartortle glass.

Grab it here from Amazon.

3. Wartortle Family Medallion


This is a classy one – the entire Squirtle family depicted in a trendy minimalist way, hung round your neck on a nice silver medallion. Good for you, good for your pet, good for whoever. Bling bling.

The medallion is here on Amazon.

4. Handmade Stuffed Wartortle Crochet Doll


If the plush doll earlier was a bit too ‘mainstream’ for you, check out this lovely little hipster-y minimalist handmade crochet Wartortle! Does it get any more adorable? Not sure why they picked an ‘A’ instead of a ‘W’ in the display picture, but we cant have it all, can we?

The little guy is right here from Amazon.

5. Iris Folding Wartortle


Ok, now we’re getting a bit out-there, but this one’s pretty cool. It’s a folding Pokémon card to send to your loved ones, ideally loved ones who enjoy Wartortle. They do cards for all the other Pokémon too, check them out.

He can be found here on Etsy.

6. Scarily Realistic Wartortle Print

This one is also a little out-there, but that’s what you get from Etsy. Unconventional stuff. I like when people depict Pokémon in different styles, and the ‘what if they were realistic?’ angle is always good for a laugh. This print shows a photo-realistic Wartortle leaping out of the sea. Who wouldn’t want this on their bedroom wall to wake up to every morning?

It’s here on Etsy, if you’re interested.

7. Wartortle Mug

Just to prove that everything on Etsy isn’t completely mental, this lovely hand-painted Wartortle mug even changes colour when you heat it up! What a delight.

It’s available here.

That concludes our Wartortle list, be sure to check out our other Pokégifts, with a selection for each of the 151 of the originals.