Pokégifts: 10 Great Blastoise Gifts

Blastoise is an iconic character, the face of many of the games and one of the few Pokémon that comes with mechanical weapons included.

Here is a selection of Blastoise-related gifts for fans of the cannon-toting shelled sensation.


10. Blastoise Action Figure


This is one of the more detailed action figures I’ve seen, with great attention to detail on the guns and face. His scowling expression conveys quintessential Blastoise attitude; a fine piece for any collector.

Get it here.

9. Cuddly Blastoise


If you want something a little more comforting but wish to retain the trademark Blastoise badass-ery, this cuddly character could be for you. Sure to make your little ones feel protected at night…by water cannons.

Grab him here.

8. Splashy Blastoise Action Figure


This one caught my eye as it’s pretty different – it’s Blastoise bursting out of some kind of body of water, whilst also shooting his water cannons. There’s basically more water than Blastoise in this figure, so it’s really a water action figure featuring a bit of Blastoise. Pretty cool!

Get it here.

7. Blastoise Water Bottle


There’s something fitting about drinking from a water-type Pokémon themed bottle, and Blastoise is basically the flagship water Pokémon, so you can’t go wrong here. It’s the anime version of Blastoise too, which is always a fan favourite.

Get it here.

6. Cool Blastoise Keyring

This is a cool little trinket I spotted, and a great addition to any Poké-lover’s keychain or set of keys. It’s a transparent Pokéball with a cool translucent Blastoise within it. Click the link and you’ll see they do one for all 151 of the original critters. Cool stuff.

Grab it now.

5. Handmade Blastoise Tobacco Pipe

Now this is cool! It’s a handcrafted tobacco pipe, with a fully sculpted Blastoise sitting on top of it! Even for non-smokers, this would make a great mantlepiece item. It screams sophistication.
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4. Sweet Blastoise Shirt

Pokémon t-shirts are a dime-a-dozen, so it takes a good one to make a Pokégift list. I thought this sketch of Blastoise was pretty nice, so here it is.
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3. Blastoise Print

Wall prints can sometimes be a bit dodgy, especially when they aren’t based on original official art. However, this unique piece is excellent, with a great dual-colour vibe going on. It’ll look great in the bedroom.
Grab it here.

2. Super-realistic Blastoise Model


If you frequent Pokégifts often, you’ll know I’m a sucker for the realistic takes on our Poképals, and this horrifying realistic take on Blastoise is up there with the best of them. Fine detail and great character in the face, this guy is a must for any Blastoise fans.

Grab him here.


1. Blastoise 3DS Case


‘Adorable’ isn’t a word you’d usually associate with Blastoise, but this case proves with a little love and care, a cute Blastoise can be done. It may be a 3DS case, but it would also work well as a phone case, would it not?

Get him right here.