Pokégifts: 5 Magnificent Metapod Gifts

Metapod rose to fame with one of the early Pokémon anime episodes, Ash Catches a Pokémon; one of the very few episodes in which Ash actually bothers to catch a one of the collectible critters.

The episode is also notable in that it actually pokes fun (no pun intended) at a potential problem with the Pokémon battling system, as it sees two Metapods face off against each other, both only knowing the ‘harden’ move, meaning the battle never ends. Funny stuff.

If Metapod is your cup of tea, here are a few Metapod gifts that might tickle your fancy:

5. Metapod “Go Hard’ t-shirt


This shirt makes good use of Metapod’s renown for using ‘harden’, tying it in with the well known mantra of ‘going hard’. What going hard has to do with a Metapod in a stereotypical British ensemble is beyond me, but hey-ho, it’s a nice enough shirt.

Get the shirt here from Amazon.

4. 2-inch Japanese Import Metapod Figurine

Metpod is finely poised on his tail in this neat little figurine. If they hadn’t included the stand I suppose he’d just sort of roll around. A nice little piece for your Poké-collection.

Grab it here.

3. Pretty Funny Metapod Love Card


This is a good one, with not one but two Pokémon puns employed to good effect. An excellent choice for a Valentine’s card, or just an impromptu reminder to your loved one that you’re still attracted to them physically.

Get it here from Etsy.

2. Snazzy Metapod Pin


This is a really nice looking pin that caught my eye when browsing for Metapod gifts. Its bold lines and nice bright green makes for a lovely feature for any jacket or shirt.

It’s here on Etsy.

1. Mugapod



Take a sip from the mighty Mugapod.

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