Pokégifts: Brilliant Butterfree Gifts

Butterfree is one of the more popular Pokémon, cementing its fame in the anime episode Bye-Bye Butterfree, in which Ash releases his Butterfree to be with its newly found love interest, the pink Butterfree. It was an emotional experience for us all, and Butterfree has enjoyed sustained popularity ever since.

This collection of Butterfree gifts from across the web should be enough to entertain any lover of the series’ flagship butterfly-based Pokémon.

1. Butterfree Plush

There are a number of cuddly Butterfree toys available, but this one is the best-reviewed. Good size, good detail, everything you could possibly want from a Pokémon plush.

Grab it here from Amazon.

2. Hide-and-seek Butterfree Action Figure


This is a unique little action figure with some nice details. You’ve got Butterfree playing a game of hide-and-seek with a Caterpie around a tree stump. Really puts the ‘action’ into action-figure. Scintillating stuff.

Grab it here.

3. Butterfree Cross-stitched Magnet

Spruce up your kitchen with very well designed Butterfree fridge magnet. Butterfridge.

Get the little guy here.

4. Silver Butterfree Pendant


Here we have a classy silver pendant depicting Butterfree in all its glory. An excellent choice for a romantic gift for your Butterfree-loving partner.

Get it here from Amazon.

5. Butterfree Print


Etsy really is a goldmine for creative Pokémon-related treats, and this unique Butterfree painting shows why.

Grab it here from Etsy.

6. Butterfree Earrings

Another jewel from Etsy are these handmade tiny weeny Butterfree earrings. Delightful stuff.

They’re available here on Etsy.