Pokégifts: 5 Wonderful Weedle Gifts


Weedle is one of the cuter, simpler and frankly more pathetic Pokémon.


Its minimalist design however means it’s drawn something of a cult following, and it lends itself to some cool designs.

Check out these gifts for any Weedle-obssessed loved ones you may have:

1. Weedle in a Jar

I often imagine weedle the size of a small puppy, but when you think about it, in reality they’d probably be much smaller – small enough to fit in a jar as shown in this nifty little necklace. Cute.

Grab it here from Etsy.

2. Cuddly Weedle

Here we have a lovely cuddly Weedle, perfect for, well, cuddling. Weedle’s simplistic design pays off here, as it’s as elegant as it is huggable.

Grab it here from Etsy.

3. Another Cuddly Weedle

We all want cuddles and we all want Weedles. Ceedles. Here’s another interpretation of Weedle in cuddly form, this time with a more of a furry feel to him.

Get the little guy here.

4. Weedle pin. Win.

There’s something about this pin I really like. Maybe it’s the bold outlines and vibrant colours, maybe it’s the fact that it’s slightly the wrong colour, or maybe it’s the expression on Weedle’s face. Whatever the reason, this pin is a must buy.

Get it here from Etsy.

5. Weedle Thong

Yes you read that right. As usual we’ve saved the best ’til last and I do believe this is the very first thong we’ve featured on Pokégifts. And what better Pokémon to feature on a thong than Weedle? The sexiest of all the mon.

Your Weedle thong is here on Etsy.