What is the best packaging for selling games on eBay?

What are the best packing options for selling your games on reseller sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace?

Should you use envelopes or parcels? What about selling larger consoles or bundles of games?

In this article we show the best envelopes, parcels and boxes in terms of value and quality for when you sell your video games on eBay, or any other third-party selling website.

What is the best packaging for selling Nintendo Switch games on eBay?

Nintendo Switch games are unique in that they come in smaller boxes than the standard DVD-sized cases of PlayStation and Xbox boxes.

As such, what you want to go for are these envelopes, which are the perfect size for Nintendo Switch game cases. They’ve got inner bubble wrap for the right level of protection, and are easily sealable.

I’d also recommend stickers for your labels, rather than writing the address directly onto the packaging. These stickers do the job nicely for the Nintendo Switch packages. And don’t forget to use felt pens, not ballpoints!

What about bundles of Switch games? If you are selling a bunch of Switch games, I’d recommend going with a small box with bubble wrap inside it rather than a large envelope. These boxes do the trick for me, and this bubble wrap is all I use for everything. Cheap and easy!

What is the best packaging for selling Xbox and PlayStation games on eBay?

Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS4 and PS5 games all come in standard-size Blu-ray boxes, meaning they require slightly larger envelopes than the Switch games mentioned above. Again, you want to go with internal bubble padding, and I find these envelopes work best for packing Xbox and PS games.

Remember to put labels on the packs for addresses, rather than writing them on. These stickers do the job nicely for the PS and Xbox game envelopes. And don’t forget to use felt pens, not ballpoints!

For bundles of games I would again recommend boxes rather than large paper envelopes, as they’re more sturdy and you can pack more in. These boxes work just fine combined with bubble wrap within.

What is the best packaging for selling consoles on eBay?

When you sell a games console on eBay, you obviously want a box. These boxes do the trick for me, combined with bubble wrap.

A key with selling consoles I find is the little touches, here are some tips:

  • Make sure all the wires are wrapped neatly around the controllers and chargers, ideally with rubber bands or wire clips holding them in place.
  • For each component piece I recommend encasing them in a foam cover, something like these. This prevents any scratching during shipping, and also just adds a nice professional extra touch to the shipment.
  • Add a thank-you note inside the box – these go a surprisingly long way and encourage the buyer to make the effort to give a good review.

Hopefully these tips have given you some help – there can be a surprisingly daunting amount of detail in selling games on eBay, much more so than initially meets the eye!

If you want more general tips on selling games on eBay, check out this article which covers 14 essential tips for selling games on eBay. For Nintendo Switch games specifically, there are more specific tips here.