The best Wii U games ever – according to ChatGPT

ChatGPT can do a lot of things. Build websites, provide therapy, pass bar exams – but why don’t we give it a real test? I’ve asked it to give me the ten best ever Wii U games, and to justify its choices.

Hardly anyone played the Wii U, let alone an AI machine that was created years after it launched, so let’s see what games it throws up…

Here are the 10 Wii U games ChatGPT suggested, along with its comments and my assessment as to whether they nailed it or not:

  1. Super Mario 3D World

    What ChatGPT said: This game is praised for its creative level design, tight controls, and multiplayer co-op mode. It offers a delightful mix of platforming challenges, power-ups, and memorable boss battles, making it a must-play for Mario fans.

    Is ChatGPT right? It’s a decent start for the AI, as 3D World is a very solid if fairly unspectacular follow-up to the stellar Mario Galaxy games. Like many Wii U hits, it’s seen a successful re-release on Switch, coupled with the excellent Bowser’s Fury expansion. Not bad.

  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    What ChatGTPT said: Regarded as one of the greatest games of all time, Breath of the Wild revolutionized the open-world genre. It offers a vast, immersive world to explore, filled with breathtaking landscapes, engaging puzzles, and a sense of freedom rarely seen in games.

    Is ChatGPT right? In a word, yes. Breath of the Wild was originally designed for the Wii U exclusively as its swansong, before being ported to the Switch for the console’s launch. Breath of the Wild is nothing short of a masterpiece of a game, and the first thing you should buy if you get a Wii U. Here’s my take on why it’s still worth playing today.

  3. Splatoon

    splatoon map

    What ChatGPT said: With its colorful art style and innovative gameplay mechanics, Splatoon introduced a fresh take on multiplayer shooters. Its emphasis on team-based territorial ink battles and the ability to transform between squid and humanoid forms added a unique twist to the genre.

    Was ChatGPT right? Splatoon is arguably the most successful new franchise the Wii U era generated for Nintendo, with the series proving immensley popular, particularly in its native Japan. The first game is a fun and fresh multiplayer romp and well worthy of this list.

  4. Mario Kart 8

    What ChatGPT said: Building upon the beloved Mario Kart formula, this entry in the series brings high-speed racing, tight controls, and stunning visuals. It features a robust selection of tracks, a variety of gameplay modes, and the introduction of gravity-defying anti-gravity sections, providing an exhilarating racing experience.

    Is ChatGPT right? The best-selling game for the system, MK8 is one of the mostobvious choices on the list. In fact, it sold so well, that they haven’t bothered making a sequel since – re-releasing it on the Switch and just peppering it with updates, making it the best-selling game across both consoles individually. Pretty crazy. It’s a great game though.

  5. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

    What ChatGPT said: This crossover fighting game gathers an extensive roster of iconic characters from various Nintendo franchises. With its polished gameplay mechanics, a wide range of game modes, and an energetic multiplayer scene, it offers endless hours of chaotic fun for both casual and competitive players.

    Is ChatGPT right? This is probably the first contentious choice. There’s nothing really wrong with Smash for Wii U, but it got so quickly bettered and overshadowed by the Switch predeccessor that it became largely redundant. It’s slower than Melee and not as feature-rich as Ultimate, so unless you don’t have a Switch or a GameCube, it’s not really worht it.

  6. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

    What ChatGPT said:Developed by Retro Studios, this side-scrolling platformer is acclaimed for its challenging levels, gorgeous graphics, and catchy soundtrack. It captures the spirit of the classic Donkey Kong Country games while introducing new mechanics and vibrant visuals.

    Is ChatGPT right? Now we’re back on track. DK Returns and Tropical Freeze are two of the best examples of the modern 2D platformer, and a lovely showcase of how the genre is relevant and has a place in this modern age of 3D worlds. A brilliant game.

  7. Bayonetta 2

    What ChatGPT said:Praised for its intense and stylish action, Bayonetta 2 offers exhilarating combat sequences, breathtaking set pieces, and a captivating storyline. The game’s fluid gameplay, satisfying combos, and impressive boss battles have made it a favorite among fans of action games.

    Is ChatGPT right? Personally, the Bayonetta games have never been for me, but objectively I can’t argue that they aren’t quality. If you’re a fan of the DmC-style shoot-and-beat em ups, and chaining crazy combos together is your thing, then Bayonetta 2 should be right up your alley.

  8. Pikmin 3

    What ChatGPT said:This charming strategy game combines exploration, puzzle-solving, and resource management. Players control a group of adorable Pikmin creatures to solve environmental puzzles, collect fruit, and battle enemies. It’s known for its unique gameplay mechanics and strategic depth.

    Is ChatGPT right? No doubt. Pikmin 3 is widely considered the best in the series, and it’s a real standout of what the Wii U can do graphically.

  9. Xenoblade Chronicles X

    What ChatGPT said: As a sprawling sci-fi RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles X offers a vast and immersive world to explore. Its rich storyline, deep character customization, real-time combat system, and breathtaking environments make it an engrossing and rewarding experience for RPG enthusiasts.

    Is ChatGPT right? There’s a reaosn fans are crying out for a remake or a direct sequel to XCX. It’s a unique and wonderful entry in the beloved franchise, with a world that rivals BotW in terms of scale. If you enjoy JRPGs, there are few better than this.

  10. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

    What ChatGPT said: This puzzle-platformer stands out with its clever level design and charming aesthetics. It challenges players to navigate Captain Toad through various diorama-like stages, solving puzzles and collecting treasures. It’s praised for its creativity and enjoyable gameplay that keeps players engaged.

    Is ChatGPT right? Well this is an interesting one to go with for the final choice. Captain Toad is more of a curiosity than a fully-fledged game, but it’s a decent one. If you enjoy little puzzles wrapped in an adorable coat of paint, then Captian Toad will give you some enjoyment. I’m just not sure it belongs in this top ten.


ChatGPT has done fairly well here, with most of the choices hard to argue against. Of course, the Wii U wasn’t blessed with a huge array of titles, so you could argue that the list picks itself by virtue of no other options. Still, for a non-sentient AI robot, it’s done ok.

Some noteable absentees: Both the Zelda remakes (I’d have definitely put Wind Waker on the list), New Super Luigi U, Rayman Legends, and Mario Maker all warrant spots on this list by my reckoning.