The 5 best controllers ever

A console’s controller is perhaps its most important feature, working as the connection between player and the game. Over the years we’ve seen controlelrs come in all shapes and sizes, with some experments falling flat with others succeeding and paving the way for new generations. Here are my favourite five:   Controller S – Xbox     As well as […]

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The top 5 Wii games

The Wii was a funny old thing. The most successful home-console in Nintendo’s history, selling over 120 million units, the Wii managed to tap into the wider ‘casual’ market better than any console since the PS2.

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The top 5 PS3 games

I was fairly late to the party in with the PS3 – only picking one up in 2013. The benefit of going so however was that there was a library of high-quality games already in place, all lined up nicely for me to get stuck in.

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