The 10 best 3DS games under $20

Gaming is a lot cheaper than it used to be, with games deprecating in price even after a few months on the shelves.

Whilst Nintendo games traditionally take a while longer to decrease in value, this still does ring true for the Big N’s games to an extent. The 3DS has been around for some years now, and simply has one of the largest and best libraries for any of the current-gen consoles.

So following our respective features for the Wii U, Xbox One and the PS4 here’s an equivalent list for those of you who may have recently purchased a 3DS and are looking to delve into its extensive library, or perhaps you’ve had a 3DS for a while and want to discover some gems you may have missed along the way.

If so, here are the best 3DS games available for under $20:

10: Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D


Retro studios have done great things with the Donkey Kong franchise since they took over from Rare, and they’ve done remarkable work here to bring Returns from the Wii to the 3DS, translating the experience expertly, making for one of the best looking and most challenging games on the platform.

It’s available here from Amazon.

9: Animal Crossing: New Leaf


New Leaf takes the console’s 3D technology and really adds real depth to the vibrant world. The twist on the AC formula is a welcome one too – being the mayor the city adds a different flavour to the game, meaning it’s well worth a try for both fans and newcomers to the series.

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8: Arkham Origins: Blackgate


Blackgate is an excellent spin-off from the mainline Arkham games. a 2.5 dimensional adventure, it’s the best Batman game to really explore the investigative side of Batman not often seen in his other gaming appearances. It’s an open-ended game that lets the player approach it in any order, which is a welcome addition. Highly recommended for fans of the Caped Crusader.

It’s available here from Amazon.

7: Sega 3D Classics Collection

My favourite thing about this collection is that the games in question were re-built from the ground up rather than emulated, meaning they contain new features not present in the originals. Sega’s dedication pays off, with the 3D feature sin particular looking fantastic. If you’re a fan of Sonic, Puyo Puyo or Fantasy Zone then it’s an essential purchase.

It’s available here from Amazon.

6: Super Street Fighter IV


One of the games for the 3DS that really demonstrates the power of the console. Capcom did a fantastic job bringing their fighter to the handheld machine, and it plays really well. Highly recommended for fighting game fans.

It’s available here from Amazon.

5: Yoshi’s New Island


This game got a mixed reception upon release, partly due to the fact that it was a direct sequel to one of the best 2D platformers ever. But since then it has become appreciated for its own merits, and it’s a very solid and visually stunning platformer. Well worth a look for the price.

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4: Scribblenauts Unlimited


Scribblenauts is a unique oddity. On the one hand, its overly-simple level objectives shouldn’t be all that fun, but the fact that you can conjure up practically anything and it will pop into the world is a feature that just doesn’t really get old. Seeing how two random things will interact is an infinite well of curiosity.  The graphics are charming too.

It’s available here from Amazon.

3: Lego Marvel Avengers


It’s fair to say the Lego games haven’t had a great time on handheld, often suffering technically when compared to their home console counterparts. Luckily Marvel Avengers is the exception to this rule, providing an experience pretty much on par with its bigger brothers. Well worth it if you’re a Marvel fan or enjoy the Lego game formula.

It’s available here from Amazon.

2: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


Considered by many to be the best game in the series, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a punishing but rewarding game, and probably the deepest game on the system if you can stick with it. It’s more accessible than most of the other games in the series too, so curious newcomers should give it a go.

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1: Tomodachi Life


One of the most peculiar games to ever come out of Nintendo’s labs, their take on a life sim is well worth a look. It has unique character and genuine laugh-out-loud moments, and it’s a game I’ve been surprised to find I’ve spent most of my playtime on.

It’s available here from Amazon.