The 10 best PS Vita games for under $20

The PS Vita is a wonderful machine which, not unlike the Wii U, may have struggled commercially but is home to some absolutely fantastic games.

Gaming is cheaper than ever now, and if you own a console like the PS Vita you’ve got access to a large library of gems that you can pick up for far less than you’d have paid even 10 years ago.

So following our respective features for the other consoles,  here’s an equivalent list for those of you who might have just purchased a Vita and are looking to grab some great games at super-low prices, or maybe you’ve had one for a while and fancy dusting it off to play some gems you missed over the years.

If so, here are the best PS Vita games available for under $20:

10: Uncharted: Golden Abyss


One of the most graphically impressive games on the system and probably the most technically impressive handheld game ever released, Nathan Drake’s portable adventure is extremely well done. Naughty Dog have translated what is traditionally a blockbuster, big-screen adventure franchise for a portable system really well. A must for adventure game lovers.

It’s available  here from Amazon.

9: Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky


It’s no secret that the Vita is a hotbed of quality RPGs, and if you’re seeking a traditional Japanese-style adventure then you won’t do much better than Exist Archive. Everything from the turn-based gameplay to the sprawling fantastical world is crafted beautifully. It can get a bit repetitive, but that’s only a small blemish on an otherwise fantastic game.

Click here to check the price from Amazon.

8: Child of Light


Inspired by the art of Ghibli, Child of Light is a gorgeous 2D side-scroller with light RPG elements, and is wonderfully accessible to anyone. It’s simply one of the best games available for the Vita.

 It’s available here from Amazon.

7: Minecraft


Minecraft needs no introduction, but it’s safe to say that the Vita version is amongst the best handheld versions of the game. if you need a game you can sink hours into, this is it.

Click here to check the price from Amazon.

6: Shiren the Wanderer


Now we’re really talking. Possibly my favourite game on the list, Shiren may have a simplistic art style, but it’s the most deep, engrossing and at times immensely frustratingly unforgiving game on the system. If you like your rogue-likes challenging then this is the game for you.

It’s available here from Amazon.

5: Persona 4 Golden


The best game in the series, in Persona 4 you play the role of a Japanese schoolboy caught up in an adventure of mystery, murder, intrigue and large-than-life characters. The Persona games are as unique as they are brilliant, and if you’ve never tried one you owe it to yourself to play this.

 Click here to check it out on Amazon.

4: Final Fantasy X/X2 Remastered


Buy this game for the Final Fantasy X remaster, and once you’re done with that maybe sample X-2. But X is worth it for the price alone. A sprawling and expertly crafted adventure from Square Enix that now looks even more gorgeous than it did all those years ago on the PS2. Absolutely essential for Final Fantasy and RPG fans.

It’s available here from Amazon.

3: Mortal Kombat


Quite simply the best fighting game on the system, I really didn’t expect Mortal Kombat to turn out as well as it did. It’s perfect for when you only have time for a short burst of gameplay – MK is a series experiencing something of a renaissance and it has been brilliantly and beautifully translated to Sony’s portable. 

Click here to check the price on Amazon.

2: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection


The best way to experience Metal Gear on the go, the only bad thing to say about this game is that it doesn’t include the original or MGS4 – but with 2 and 3 it has twoof the best in the series. The touch-screen controls are implemented very well, subtly enhancing the experience without intruding on the excellent core gameplay the series is known for. A must-have.

If you’re after a challenge, it’s available here from Amazon.

1: Rayman Legends


I’ve waxed lyrical about the merits of this game several times on this site already – all I will say is that in my opinion it’s the best 2D platformer ever made. Play it now if you haven’t already.

It’s here on Amazon.