Pokégifts: 10 Great Venusaur Gifts

Venusaur. The malevolent, half-beast-half-plant gargantuan final form of the ‘saur family. Very much an icon of Pokemon lore, Venusaur may appear a little grotesque at first glance, but those who have fought with him know he’s a loyal, charming and powerful friend.


There also seems to be loads more Venusaur merchandise than that of Ivysaur, despite Ivysaur being more conventionally ‘cute’ than its older sibling. Oh well.


Here are 10 great Venusaur-related gifts for you Venus-fanatics:

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1. Clever Venusaur Frog Case


Perhaps the most subtle gift yet to feature on Pokegifts, this beauty is as clever as it is stylish. Playing on the fact that Venusaur is essentially a frog with a plant on its back, this phone case is ideal for those who might not want to be too transparent in their love of Venusaur, but still have the urge to encase their mobile devise in Venus-glory.

It’s here on Redbubble.


2. Metal Gear Venusaur Phone Case


We’re following up straight away with another phone case. This is another first for Pokegifts: a cross-over! it features everyone’s favourite spy Solid Snake (is he technically a spy?) sneaking up on an Venusaur in the grass. What a sneak! He’s surely in for some poison gas if he gets spotted.


It’s here on Redbubble.


3. Venusaur Flower Tee



This is one of those nice abstract pieces that serve the dual purpose of both looking trendy to Poke-illiterate folk, and also sending a message to fellow Pokefans that you’re one of them. It also offers the rare view of the Venusaur flower that is only really seen by flying Pokemon – that from above. And what a lovely thing it is.


Check it out here on Redbubble

4. Big Stuffed Cuddly Venusaur


No Pokegift list would be complete without a big cuddly version of the Pokemon in question. This guy is a nice big boy, perfect for pretending you have a pet Venusaur with none of the hassle (razor leaves falling everywhere/slimy trails/vine whips getting caught in doors, etc).


Grab him right here from Amazon.


5. Mega-evolution Venusaur Figure!



This really is turning out to be a list of firsts for Pokégifts – here we have our first mega-evolution-related gift! It’s Mega Venusaur everybody! I always felt Venusaur got a bit shafted with his Mega variant, with Charizard and Blastoise getting decidedly more badass upgrades, but there we go. Venus gets a nice extra flower layer for his troubles.


Check it out here on Amazon.

6. Megablocks Venusaur



The closest thing you’ll get to Lego Pokémon, this nifty MegaBlocks creation is sure to satisfy your Venusaur-building needs. The real challenge is can you disassemble and make a Bulbasaur and an Ivysaur?


They’re available here from Amazon.


7. Pikachu Sleeping in a Venusaur?



This piece is as adorable as it is obscure. It’s a Pikachu in a Venusaur…sleeping bag? I suppose technically Venusaur itself doesn’t feature here, but it’s Venusaur related and it’s just so darned cute dammit.

Check the little guy out here on Amazon.


8. Venusaur Doormat



If there’s a Pokemon you wouldn’t be able to walk all over, it’s Venusaur. Which is what makes this doormat so tempting. It allows you to do the undoable. Think the unthinkable. Unforbid(?) the forbidden. Welcome people your home with this Venusaur welcome mat and they’ll know exactly the type of house they’re stepping into.


Check the price here on Amazon.

9. Venusaur Family Long-sleeve Shirt



The second piece of Venusaur clothing on this list, and it’s a trendy one. You’ll turn heads and win friends with this lovely Venusaur long-sleeve t-shirt. Great for any weather. Except the very cold. Or very hot.


Check it out here on Amazon.


10. Massive Venusaur Wall Sticker



No self-respecting Venusaur-lover should be without a giant Venusaur sticker on their bedroom/living room/bathroom wall. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s Venusaur.


Get it here from Amazon.