Pokégifts: 5 Great Charmeleon Gifts

Charmeleon – the badass middle-child of probably the most popular evolutionary series of Pokémon. In the anime series, Charmelon was the first Pokémon to turn against Ash when he evolved, deeming himself too strong to be taught by such a weak inexperienced trainer. Awesome.

Here are five excellent Charmeleon gifts:

1. Charmeleon Vinyl Poster


If you claim to be a superfan of Charmeleon and don’t have this badboy in your bedroom, then you should be ashamed of yourself. It’s as majestic as it is unnecessary.
Get it here from Amazon.

2. Charmeleon Doormat


If you felt the way Charmeleon treated Ash was unfair, why not get your own back by walking all over him? This circular doormat lets you do just that, as well as welcome guests into your house with a glaring Charmeleon.
Grab the doormat from Amazon here.

3. Charmeleon Plush


The obligatory plush makes the list and this one is… interesting? I suppose Charmeleon’s head is a rather unique, crooked shape and this plush captures the look perfectly. This represents the safest way to get cuddly with a Charmeleon.
Get your plushmeleon here.

4. Charmeleon Necklace


Ah finally a gift that puts the ‘charm’ in Charmeleon. Woo your Charmeleon-loving partner with this Charmeleon-on-a-chain. This gift will let you keep Charmeleon with you at all times, close to your heart, where he belongs(?).
Grab the necklace from Etsy here.

5. Charmeleon Shirt


Redbubble really do have the best selection of Pokémon shirts, and they deliver again with this snazzy minimalist Charmeleon number.
Pick up your Charmeleon shirt here.