Pokégifts: 5 Great Charizard Gifts

It’s time for five gifts of arguably the most popular Pokémon going: Charizard.


This list of five hand-picked Charizard gifts will have you remembering the good old days of Red and Blue, and could rekindle the flame that was your love for the series.


Here are the five best Charizard gifts out there…


1. Charizard Jumbo Plush

This Charizard plush means business, just look at his determined eyes. This guy represents Charizard in all his glory – fired up, intimidating, majestic… and always ready for a cuddle.

Grab him here from Amazon.


2. Charizard Mega-evolution Action Figure

I’m not usually a fan of the Mega-evolution forms of Pokémon, and I couldn’t really tell you why. I make an exception however for the Charizard version. Look at this monster! His spikes are extra spikey, his flame is super-flamey, and he even has extra wings. Mega.

This action figure is great, and looks excellent on a shelf.

It’s here from Amazon.

3. Charizard Costume Kit


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be Charizard? Well wonder no more with this expertly crafted Charizard camouflage kit. You’ll blend into a herd of Charizards perfectly whilst donning this outfit, helping you to learn the ways of the Charizard and its mysterious rituals..?

Or just dress up as one for Halloween.

It’s here from Amazon.

4. Starry Night Charizard & Friends


This one is special – a painting that may or may not be by Van Gogh himself, shows Charizard and his starter-Pokémon pals standing in a nice field on a starry night.


The artist has this, as well as loads of other great Gogh-inspired prints, for sale on Amazon here.


5. Charizard Cap


This is a nice one, a cap to shield you from the flames and rays of the sun – ironically donned with the ultimate fire Pokémon himself!

It looks like Charizard is the name of a sports team too, which is good. There should definitely be a spots team called Charizard.

It’s here on Amazon.