Pokégifts: 7 Cool Caterpie Gifts

Many Pokémon lovers will know Caterpie as the first Pokémon Ash ever caught. I remember watching this episode as a kid and getting hooked on the whole franchise because of it.

Caterpie manages somehow to appear cute despite being a bug, something most bugs struggle with, and as such has quite the fanbase.

Here are 7 Caterpie gifts that any fan of the little guy will love:

1. Caterpie 5-inch Plush


We often start a Pokégift list off with a beanie, and Caterpie is no exception. This cute little guy is just 5 inches tall, perfect for a squeeze after a hard long day catching Pokémon. 

Grab him right here.

2. Caterpie Building Blocks

Maybe you feel like building your own Caterpie? With these totally not Lego blocks, you can! Even comes with a little not-Lego Pokéball too. Go for it.

Get it here.

3. Caterpie Evolve Mug

This mug shows Caterpie’s evolution, from Caterpie through to Metapod into Buterfree, in nice little pixelated images.

Don’t be a mug, take this to the office and be the envy of your Caterpie-loving colleagues.

Get the mug here.

4. Caterpie Bumper Sticker

Maybe a mug isn’t enough for you. Maybe you want to take your Caterpie love to the streets. And what better way to do that then whacking a Caterpie bumper sticker on your car?

Grab him here.

5. Caterpie Keychain

Let’s take it back to the small things. Because let’s face it, Caterpie is small. And Caterpie gifts don’t come much smaller than this fantastic stitched keychain of the little critter, pixelated style.

Get it here.

6. Caterpie Watercolour

Now this is a real treat. A brilliantly hand-painted Caterpie canvas, showing Caterpie just chilling out in its natural habitat. Hang it on your wall and wow your dinner guests.

Get this beauty right here.

7. Caterbeanie

Does anything need to be said about this Caterpie beanie? Sometimes a picture truly paints a thousand words. Show off your love for Caterpie and keep yourself warm. It’s a win-win.

Get it here.