The 10 best cheap PS4 games under $20 in 2019

After the popularity of our 2018 list, we’ve sourced the 10 best cheap games available for the PS4 in 2019.

Perhaps you’ve just received Sony’s powerhouse of a console for Christmas and are looking to pick up some gems for the system, or maybe you’ve had one for a while and are looking to add to your collection.

Either way, these 10 excellent games should be in anyone’s library.

10. Shadow of the Colossus

Released just a year ago, Bluepoint Games’ PS2 masterpiece saw a complete re-work from the ground up.

Featuring stunningly rendered 4k Colossi, SotC is a sprawling, mysterious and beautiful adventure, that has you hunting down and battling 14 giant creatures to save a sleeping princess. As you progress, you’ll question the morality of your actions as the mysteries of the world gradually unravel.

It was a masterpiece when originally released, and the remake is the best way to play it.

A good choice for: Adventurers, fans of high fantasy.

Avoid if: You’re after some multiplayer action.

Check the price on Amazon here.


9. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

Featuring remastered versions of three of the PS3’s highest-rated games, The Nathan Drake Collection is a tour-de-force of the highest quality third-person action gaming available.

You’ll take control of wise-cracking Nathan Drake, as you shoot, jump and climb through exotic locations (in search of some maguffin or another) in three excellent adventures. Some of the set pieces in the Uncharted series are some of gamings all-time finest, and a must-experience in 4K on the PS4 if you haven’t already.

A good pick for: Fans of action, tight gunplay, Indiana Jones or cinematic experiences.

Avoid if: You’ve played the original 3 games on the PS3 to death, or you prefer less-linear games.

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8. The Last of Us Remastered


It’s another remaster from Naughty Dog, but it had to be included as despite being a remake, The Last of Us was one of those titles released in the twilight of the previous generation, and really should’ve been a current-gen release.

Few games can boast an atmosphere like The Last of Us. It’s a game that evokes tension, sadness, fear and wonder, as you take control of Joel as he protects his daughter through a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Simply a must-play if you’re yet to experience it.

A good choice for: Fans of cinematic, tense and exciting games.

Avoid if: You’re not a fan of the post-apocalyptic trope that has become overdone in recent years (although this is the best example).

See the price on Amazon.

7. Dark Souls 3

DS3 marks From Software’s acclaimed series’ first and only entry into this generation, bringing the notoriously challenging saga to a close in serious style.

It doesn’t deviate from the formula that made the series great: a high-fantasy themed inter-woven overworld peppered with tough enemies, dangerous traps and huge, daunting bosses knitted together with gameplay that encourages experimentation. Death isn’t a punishment, but rather a necessary feature of learning the rules of the game.

DS3 is an excellent end to a legendary series.

A good choice for: People who enjoy deep, complex mechanics and fans of high fantasy.

Avoid if: You’re looking for a more casual experience. Dark Souls requires investment to get the best out of it.

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6. Horizon Zero Dawn

Released at a time when the PS4 was starting to really come into its stride, HZD was highly anticipated, and it delivered in spades.

Set in a unique, post-apocalyptic world that’s become overrun by animal-like machines, HZD is an open-world RPG that sees you take control of hunter Aloy, who undergoes a quest to uncover her past.

Everything about HZD is impressive, with deep, varied and satisfying combat mechanics, a lush and detailed over-world and excellent production value in regards to the story and voice-acting.

A great choice for: Fans of exploration and survival, someone looking for something stylistically unique

Not too good for: People looking for multiplayer, people tired of open-world games.

Grab it here from Amazon.

5. Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft’s team-based shooter re-ignited a franchise that had been stagnating after the Vegas series, and the cancelled Rainbow Six: Patriots.

Siege places heavy emphasis on multiplayer tactical team-based combat, with no campaign to speak of. Players are typically either on an attacking or defending team, with games won via various objectives. It’s fast paced, fluid, exciting and has a lot of depth.

Even three years later, siege is still one of the most popular online games on the PS4 thanks to a continuous stream of updates and support from the developers.

A great choice for: Fans of multiplayer, team-based shooters. Someone who wants a game to play for a long time.

Not so great for: People who enjoy a narrative in their games.

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4. Resident Evil 7


It’s another reboot of a series, and arguably the most successful one this generation. After the tepid Resident Evil 6, Capcom took the decision to take the series back to its horror roots in terms of theme, and ditched the over-the-shoulder third-person perspective they pioneered with Resident Evil 4 and had stuck with since.

Resi 7 throws everything out and delivers a tense first-person adventure that recaptures the roots of the series and delivers a horror experience unique to the system.

A good match for: Horror fans, people that like narrative-driven experiences.

Not too good if: You’re looking for more action than suspense

Check the price on Amazon.

3. Titanfall 2

Possibly the most under-appreciated title on the PS4, at least commercially, Titanfall 2 builds on everything that was so promising about the first game and makes everything bigger, better and more exciting.

The campaign here is top-drawer, offering a varied and challenging experience that never gets tiresome. One minute you’re frantically crawling through an enemy-infested hangar whilst your Titan (a giant mech-robot you pilot) takes care of business outside, and the next you’re in the hot-seat on a giant battlefield fighting against 15 other Titans in an all-out epic brawl.

…and the multiplayer isn’t half bad either!

A great match for: Any FPS fan.

Not so good for: People frustrated with steep learning curves in multiplayer environments. it’s rewarding of you stick with it, but prepare to get battered for the first few hours.

Check the price on Amazon here.

2. Shadow of War

A sequel to the most pleasant surprise of the generation so far – Shadow of Mordor – Shadow of War provides everything the first game gave us on a larger and more complex scale.

You once again take control of the undead ranger Talion, possessed by the spirit of elf Celebrimbor, on an epic quest to defeat Sauron and take over Middle-Earth. This time there are multiple areas or Mordor to explore, each with a fortress to conquer with your own army of orcs which you recruit throughout.

The famous Nemesis System is back and more advanced than ever, with the orcs that slay you levelling up and gaining followers/powers and attitude, and once again this is the real draw and USP of the game.

A must for: LOTR fans. The game is full of references and lore to absorb and enjoy.

Not to great for: Anyone who played the first game and didn’t take to it. It’s very much more of the same.

Check it out here on Amazon.

1. Rocket League

Probably the best value game you’ll ever buy, Rocket League remains a true gem of this generation.

Taking control of a tiny RC car, it’s a simple game of footy – get the giant ball into the opposition net by smashing the ball into it. There’s a surprising amount of depth to proceedings, and you’ll find yourself playing match after match, not quite sure whether the screamer you scored three matches ago was an epic display of skill…or just pure luck.

Either way, it’s some of the most fun you’ll have on the PS4.

A great game for: Fans of fun.

Not so good for: If you don’t enjoy multiplayer, forget about it.

It’s here on the PSN store.