Common Niche Questions about FPL (Fantasy Premier League)

FPL is largely a simple game, which is big a reason it’s so popular. However, like many games, it has certain niche qualities and situations that players may find themselves uncertain about when faced with them. This is a list of questions that I see every season relating to these quirks, and which the FPL site’s own guidelines aren’t particularly […]

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Current Overall Ownership of FPL Players, in Chart Form

This graph shows the most popular 200 players in FPL, mapped for current ownership against total points from last season. The colour of each bubble represents their position, and the size of the bubble represents the ownership, as well as their height on the chart. More FPL Tools and Graphs here. You might also enjoy this study on whether or […]

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Your FPL Season in One Big Graph

This chart shows your season in one big graph. Enter your team ID in the box below, click ‘Create Season Graph’ and watch the magic unfold. The yellow line shows your weekly gameweek scores. The blue line shows your overall rank. The pink line shows your gameweek rank for that week. The green dotted line shows your team value. The […]

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