Road to Stampers Forever: Day 5

The end is nigh for my 100% playthrough of Banjo Kazooie, so my main mission of the day was to conquer the final level and finish off ol’ Grunty.   Let’s see how I got on…   (Check out previous days here)   Milestones   Banjo Kazooie: The BK journey comes to an end!   Click Clock Wood was the final […]

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Road to Stampers Forever: Day 3

After feeling a tad dejected by the realisation that I’d underestimated the sheer scope of this task on my second Day, in true British spirit I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and pledged to continue. And what better way to channel my renewed vigor than to delve head-first into a certain amphibian-centric brawler? Check out the previous days here. […]

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Road to Stampers Forever: Day 1

Stampers Forever is the name given to an Achievement in the Rare Replay Collection that requires the collection of 330 stamps across the 30 games in the collection. Stamps are obtained by completing milestones throughout the completion of each game, and beating playlists and snapshots comprised of set-pieces from each game.

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