A Smash Bros Switch Wishlist

Super Smash Bros is one of Nintendo’s best-selling and most critically acclaimed franchises, with 4 games spanning 4 console generations (5 if you count the 3DS version separately). It’s inevitable that we’ll see an instalment for the recently launched Switch within the next couple of years, but with the latest edition reaching breaking point in terms of character roster and stage selection, […]

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A Response to the Nintendo Switch Criticism

  On Friday Nintendo revealed a lot more details about the Switch, with less than two months to go until its launch.   The reveal was met with a lot of negative backlash from gamers and journalists alike, prompting videos and articles declaring that we were in for another Wii U-esque failure.   Personally, I feel this is an overstated and […]

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10 games I want to see on the Switch

With the Nintendo Switch only 4 months away, precious little is still known about the console in terms of pricing, storage, battery life, and most importantly: the games. Via the announcement trailer We’ve had a tease of a new Mario, possibly an updated Mario Kart and Splatoon, Skyrim and NBA2K, but here are 10 titles I’d love to see on […]

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