Pokégifts: 10 Great Blastoise Gifts

Blastoise is an iconic character, the face of many of the games and one of the few Pokémon that comes with mechanical weapons included. Here is a selection of Blastoise-related gifts for fans of the cannon-toting shelled sensation.     10. Blastoise Action Figure   This is one of the more detailed action figures I’ve seen, with great attention to […]

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Pokégifts: 7 Great Wartortle Gifts

This selection of gifts is related to everyone’s favourite angsty middle child, Wartortle. Wartortle is an interesting character, one of those Pokémon that resembles its predecessor far more than what it evolves into, and has some really cool and unique ears, that sadly get lost when it transforms into Blastoise. Speaking of the ears, did you know that even though […]

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FPL: You vs a Rival

Use this FPL tool to visualise your season’s progress against a rival player. All you need to do is put your team ID and your rival’s team ID into the boxes below, and click ‘Generate Graph!’ To find your team ID, click on the points tab and look for the number in the URL: https://fantasy.premierleague.com/a/team/YOUR_TEAM_ID/event/1 . That’s the number you […]

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