The 10 Greatest Nintendo Games Ever

In this list I’ll be collating what I deem to be the 10 best Nintendo-published games ever released. Games exclusive to Nintendo consoles, but published by a second or third-party studio don’t count (Banjo Kazooie, Goldeneye etc). These 10 are the cream of Nintendo’s crop, the jewels in the crown of the company. Any gamer who hasn’t played all of these […]

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Road to Stampers Forever: Day 8

After feeling a little worn out after Day 7, I took a little break to recharge my Rareware batteries and came back with renewed focus…only to have Grabbed by the Ghoulies swiftly bring me straight back down to Earth again.    Here’s how I fared in Day 8 of the challenge…   (Check out previous days here) Milestones Grabbed by […]

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Road to Stampers Forever: Day 5

The end is nigh for my 100% playthrough of Banjo Kazooie, so my main mission of the day was to conquer the final level and finish off ol’ Grunty.   Let’s see how I got on…   (Check out previous days here)   Milestones   Banjo Kazooie: The BK journey comes to an end!   Click Clock Wood was the final […]

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