The 10 best Xbox One games under $10

Now that the current generation of consoles is reaching its middle age, there’s a plethora of quality titles available for bargain prices. If you’re a patient gamer, things are starting to pay off. Quality games released a couple of years ago at premium prices can now be picked up for peanuts. The Xbox One is home to some excellent games […]

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A Shadow of War wishlist

As a huge fan of the first game, I’ve been keeping a close eye on Shadow of War since it was announced, and whilst left a little disappointed with the recently announced delay, it’s still my most anticipated game of 2017. I loved Shadow of Mordor, but I’ll be the first to say there was certainly room for improvement. Here […]

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The 10 Greatest Nintendo Games Ever

In this list I’ll be collating what I deem to be the 10 best Nintendo-published games ever released. Games exclusive to Nintendo consoles, but published by a second or third-party studio don’t count (Banjo Kazooie, Goldeneye etc). These 10 are the cream of Nintendo’s crop, the jewels in the crown of the company. Any gamer who hasn’t played all of these […]

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